Episode 23: Thor

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

This month Zoe and Chris discuss the Marvel interpretations of Thor as well as discussing what they’ve been reading and comics news of interest. They look at the recent Marvel movies, as well as reading the J. Michael Straczynski, Kieron Gillen and Matt Fraction runs on Thor and the Journey into Mystery issues focussing on child Loki and Lady Sif by Kieron Gillen and Kathryn Immonen.

Episode 23: Thor


Episode 22: Not Wolverine!

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Zoe and Chris record their 22nd podcast, exploring the Marvel world despite not reading about the best Marvel comic character (Carol Danvers). They decided looking at Wolverine would be too easy, so rather than discuss Hugh Jackman, they’d look at side characters: one of Wolverine’s kids and his clone. Results were mixed.

We looked at the following books for comparison:
X-23: The Killing Dream and Chaos Theory, written by Marjoie Liu;
Dark Wolverine:  The Prince and My Hero, written Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way;
and also Daken: Dark Wolverine vs X-23: Collision was read by Chris.

Episode 22: Not Wolverine!

Episode 21: The Green

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Zoe and Chris return to podcasting to discuss the characters of “the Green” in the Vertigo/DC universes, comparing Poison Ivy with Alan Moore’s classic take on Swamp Thing. While they discuss the gender issues, the comparisons to nu52 and constantly confuse the title of Cast Shadows (the Poison Ivy trade discussed), they also discuss some comics news of interest and as always, what else they’ve been reading.

Episode 21: The Green

Episode 20: British Spys

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Where Zoe and Chris announce “we ain’t dead” and then proceed to discuss the news that occurred over the months while they were away. They discuss what they have been reading and in the topic of the week, compare and contrast the differences between Queen and Country, Captain Britain and MI-13 as well as the most recent Bond film Skyfall.

Episode 20: British Spys

Episode 19: Digital First Content

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Zoe and Chris, still on different continents discuss via skype the recent comic news, what they’ve read and then continue to completely disagree about Smallville and Ame-Comi Girls.

Episode 19: Digital First Content

Episode 18: The Jet-Lag Edition

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Chris has finished his dissertation and returns to the podcast, only for Zoe to have just flown for over 20 hours to be in Seattle. Despite this, Zoe and Chris find time to discuss over skype, recent comic news, what they’ve read and argue over the topic of the week, The Dark Knight Rises.

Episode 18: The Jet-Lag Edition

Episode 17: Morning After Regrets

This podcast was recorded with the help of a second backup “boyfriend”: the infamous Thatcher. You know that guy everyone knows, but regrets knowing? Yeah, that’s him.

As a disclaimer, due to the nature of the Thatcher, language in this episode is stronger and more explicit than usual.

The topic for the episode was based around a discussion on DC vs Marvel, Thatcher and Zoe’s preferences and discussions on what is and isn’t off-putting about comics. They also end on a review GrayHaven comics’s latest The Gathering Anthology: Women Only edition.

Episode 17: Morning After Regrets

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics

Episode 16: Nightwing

This podcast was recorded with the help of a backup boyfriend: our good friend Nathan, a recent convert to comics.

The topic for the episode was a post- and pre-DCnU look at Nightwing. Zoe and Nathan discuss the various writers and their writing styles, including Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Peter Tomasi and Kyle Higgins.

Episode 16: Nightwing

Episode 15: Interview with Marianne de Pierres

Episode 15 is a break from the usual format. Due to an sudden massive increase in the commitments of both Zoe and Chris, instead of a full podcast Chris introduces us to a recorded interview by Zoe of Australian book and comic author Marianne de Pierres. This was conducted at the 2012 Swancon, a Perth based speculative fiction event. We hope you enjoy!

Episode 15: The Swancon interview of Marianne de Pierres

Episode 14: The Womanthology Review

A short episode due to Zoe and Chris moving house. They find time to chat about the comics they’ve been reading, including Zoe ranting at length about the Gates of Gotham and Batman Inc. This week’s subject is a review of the PR copy of Womanthology, before its March release.


Episode 14: Womanthology

Episode 13: Irredeemable and Incorruptible

Zoe and Chris present their 13th episode, discussing comics news, interesting articles, what they’ve been reading and the interesting dichotomy presented by the Irredeemable and Incorruptible series, created and written by Mark Waid. They thank Thatcher for introducing and lending them the comics for this recording.

Episode 13: Irredeemable and Incorruptible

Episode 12: Westerns in Comics

Zoe and Chris chat about comic news and what they’ve been reading, and discuss Westerns in comics with their associated imagery and masculinity.

Episode 12: Westerns in Comics

Episode 11: Christmas edition

Listen to Zoe and Chris chat via skype this week, as they discuss comic news, what they’ve been reading, what the best options for comic gifts for friends are,  Christmas comic specials and generally silly comics.

Episode 11: Christmas edition

Episode 10: Wonder Woman special

Join Zoe and Chris,  as they celebrate their 10th episode by discussing the problem of Wonder Woman and her confused role in popular culture, and also discuss the latest comics related news and what we’ve been reading.

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics Episode 10

Episode 9: Supergroup Spinoffs

Join us as we discuss the latest comic and nerdy happenings, what we’ve been reading and a variety of group titles as we analyse the dynamics and variations that occur in various JLA-style analogues. These titles include The Authority, The Boys, The Pro and Supreme Power.

Episode 9: Supergroup Spinoffs

Episode 8: It’s magic!

Zoe and Chris discuss the latest news coming from DC,  and then move onto a discussion about various types of magic used in the DCU, both old and rebooted, as well as the changing roles these magic users fill. Specific stories discussed include Demon Knights, Justice League Dark, Hellblazer and Zatanna.

Episode 8: Changing use of Magic in DC and Vertigo

Episode 7: DCnU, The Unknown Soldier and Kinetic

Zoe and Chris discuss the latest new, DCnU and then compare the two graphic novels, The Unknown Soldier and Kinetic.  Also where Chris tries to embarrass the hell out of Zoe for her opinions about Nightwing.

Episode 7: The Unknown Soldier and Kinetic


Episode 6: The Batgirls

Join Zoe and Chris as they discuss the news, including some DCnU, new podcasts and an online Australian comic ( http://www.mariannedepierres.com/peacemaker/). We also look at the women behind the Batgirl identity in the past 15 years, including Gail Simone’s latest creation Batgirl #1.

Episode 6: Batgirls

Episode 5: Superboy vs. Supergirl

A delayed episode, join Zoe and Chris as they discuss the now out-of-date news about Comic-Con and a comparison between 90’s  Superboy (Kon-El) and the most recent incarnation of Supergirl (Kara Zor-El).

Episode 5: Superboy vs. Supergirl

Episode 4: Blue Beetle and Green Arrow

Zoe and Chris discuss feedback and recent news, and review Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and the resurrection of Oliver Queen by Kevin Smith.

Episode 4: Blue Beetle and Green Arrow